HiFIT Device

Technical data

Compressed ­air supply: 6 to 8 bar
Power requirement (rechargeable battery): 3,7 V, 950 mAh
Dimensions (L x W x H):288x46x170mm
Weight:1,8 kg
Storage temperature:0 to +60°C
Metering range of pressure display:0 - 12 bar
Display deviation:±0,2 bar
Air demand:at least 400 l/min

Subject to technical alterations

Properties of the HiFIT device

  • compact and robust construction mode for positions difficult to reach
  • low weight
  • powerful
  • long lifetime
  • easily guidable
  • integrated lighting with excellent illumination
  • integrated pressure display
  • easily replaceable wearing parts
  • the working result is highly reproducible

Spare parts